Our mission at WM Tech. WanderMonkey is to provide a social network where the user is the center of the network, not an advertiser or some entity looking to follow and track you. WanderMonkey is a true social network where you can connect with other people and build your community without worrying about us tracking your behavior for advertisers or selling your content. This Terms of Use Agreement (“Agreement”) includes the terms by which you may access and use that social network and the online and/or mobile services, website, and/or software provided on or in connection with that social network (collectively, the “Service”).

Because the law is technical and we need to protect our users (including you) and ourselves so that everyone has a great experience with the Service, the Agreement is set out in the “Legal Terms of Use” section below. (Also, our lawyers made us do it, and we want them to be happy too). However, we believe in transparency for our users so we’ve also provided you a plain-English explanation of this Agreement in the right column. So we’re clear, that column is only intended to provide an explanation of the “legalese” to the left and some examples of what the legal terms actually mean in practice. Only the “Legal Terms of Use” in the left column is legally binding, so please review those terms in addition to our plain-English explanation on the right before you use the Service.

If you have any questions about this Agreement, please see the “Legal” section of our Support & FAQs page or contact us at any time at support@WanderMonkey.com